Nick Schuch

Accessibility as a service with Kubernetes and The A11y Machine

Overview Recently I found a really cool project for running accessibility scans against websites, but heres the kicker, it generates a really snazzy report once it is complete. Given my itch to automate everything, I decided to wrap it in some Kubernetes goodness. The key Kubernetes components used for this implementation are: Job Replication Controller Services OPTIONAL: You could also add an Ingress instead of my hardcoded “nodePort” declaration in the service.

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Simple volume to volume file sync with Kubernetes

Overview When running multiple environments on Kubernetes you find yourself in a situation of “how do I sync files from environment A to B”. Outside of the container ecosystem this has been a difficult task requiring the operator to have: Access to both the source and destination hosts via SSH Knowledge of where the directories live on each host I have been thinking about this alot problem lately and thought I would write down a little pattern which I feel improves on the traditional model in Kubernetes.

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